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Great Mound Replica Begins To Take Shape

Work on a replica of the Great Mound of Troyville began in 2009 with the National Guard shaping the first step of this unique three-step pyramid mound, which was the tallest Indian Mound in Louisiana and the second tallest in the United States before it was torn down in 1931. The dirt from the Great Mound was used to construct the western bridge approach for the first bridge built across Black River in Jonesville.

The replica is being constructed from the actual dirt Native Americans used in its original construction. Approximately 135,000 cubic feet of the soil became available in 2006 when the state built a new bridge over Black River.

After allowing the first step several years to settle the National Guard has returned and is now shaping the second step of the replica mound. This step will allow passersby to see the terrace that was on all four sides of the mound.

The third step was shaped like an upside down ice cream cone. Archaeologist, engineers and other interested people are discussing how to construct the final top section. All tend to agree that it will be very difficult, and expensive, to construct the cone with modern machinery. Some say the final top cone may have to be constructed by hand labor, while others feel a pre-fabricated “cone” may be best. Anyone with an idea is encouraged to share his or her thoughts.

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